Previous Stangs

Our families first Mustang was a 1966 Tahoe Turquoise convertible.  My grandfather bought it sometime in the 80s and passed it down to my dad.  It was a 289 2 barrel with the C4 automatic.  We had it for about two years.  In that time, we had Lamotta's Performance freshen the motor and put on an Edlebrock Performer intake and Edlebrock 600cfm carburetor.   In the end, we made the decision to sell the car because it was in dire need of restoration.  My father and I did not have the time, experience or space to do it ourselves and could not justify the expense of having someone else restore the car.


Shortly before selling the 66, my dad bought what would be its replacement: a 1999 35th Anniversary GT convertible.  It was performance red with the automatic transmission. 

Here are some pictures of the 66 with my car:

And here are some pictures of the 99: